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may 23, 2022

Quick Hit!

Top Stories To Kick Off Your Week

American Flag

may 19, 2022

Debrief: Is America In Danger?

Leading voices say, "Yes" ~ but are we?

A woman checks a young child's temperature using an ear thermometer.


may 14, 2022

What's Making Children Sick?

A mysterious illness of "unknown origin" has the attention of health officials worldwide. Here's what to know.

Latte on pink plate with notebook

Coffee Talk

may 12, 2022

Debrief: "It's Not Just About THAT!"

From baby formula shortages to COVID cases in North Korea, a look at this week's headlines worldwide and why they matter.

Baby being fed out of a bottle

Coffee Talk

may 11, 2022

Baby Formula Shortage?

Here's the backstory and why it's so significant.

A clear desk with computer

Coffee Talk

may 9, 2022

What To Know: Why It Matters

Start You Week Off SmartHER!

United States Supreme Court

Coffee Talk

may 5, 2022

DEBRIEF: The Missing Pieces

Is what you think about current abortion law in America...factual?

We start and end our report with two versions of the American Dream - in between we give you small bites of big stories. From the passing of a legend to the first confirmed case of a contagious flu in America to looking at Ukraine with fresh eyes - here's a cheat sheet for your week ahead.

Coffee Talk

may 2, 2022

Start Your Week SmartHER

From the passing of a legend to the first confirmed case of a contagious flu in America to looking at Ukraine with fresh eyes — a cheat sheet for your week ahead.

The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia

Coffee Talk

apr 28, 2022

Let's Debrief

A smarter take on this week's top stories: a prisoner swap, a core constitutional question and a mysterious illness raising alarm (Hint: It's not COVID).

Black and white image of the historic Ellis Island in NYC harbor.

Coffee Talk

apr 21, 2022

Your Weekly Debrief!

A past "adventure" with SmartHER News illuminates this week's top stories!

Customs and Border Protection's numbers of encounters along the southwest border in March were the highest in modern data collection. More than a million total encounters in the last 6 months.

Coffee Talk

apr 20, 2022

1-Minute Quick Take

Why we don't use the term "migrant" on SmartHER News.

sunset silhouette of oil drill

Coffee Talk

apr 18, 2022

Quick Take - Big News

One Minute Breakdown On A Major Announcement By The Biden Administration

Your news questions, answered!


apr 14, 2022

Your Weekly Debrief

Your news questions, answered!

Clarification on two terms commonly used in our news cycle.

apr 13, 2022

Words Matter

A smarter tip on two of the most commonly used terms in our news cycle and why they matter.

Breaking news from NYC


apr 12, 2022

Breaking News From NYC

A shooting in Brooklyn captures the attention of the White House. Plus ~ Your Top 3 Stories

A quick video on your top news stories

Coffee Talk

apr 11, 2022

New Week: A Fresh Take On Your Top Stories

A weekly breakdown of the top news stories

apr 7, 2022

Your Weekly Debrief!

Echoes of WWI & WWII in our top news stories this week. Plus - "banning" books in 2022?

The Doctor Is In On How To Tell Allergies From COVID


apr 6, 2022

Got Allergies? (or got COVID?)

Dr. Rutland explains how to tell the difference and why it matters.

Ukraine, GITMO detainee released to Algeria, and Elon Musk & Twitter.

Coffee Talk

apr 5, 2022

Quick Rundown!

What’s happening in Ukraine, Africa, Guantánamo Bay & news on Elon Musk & Twitter.

Job market in the U.S., Russia's war in Ukraine, and Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson expected to be confirmed as the next Supreme Court Justice.

Coffee Talk

apr 4, 2022

Your Rundown!

Stories To Have On Your Radar This Week

Is China key to stopping Russia's war on Ukraine?


apr 1, 2022

Why China?

Is China key to stopping Russia's war on Ukraine? Author, writer, commentator Gordon Chang thinks so, as he explains in our wide-ranging conversation.

What's a "news cycle"? Food shortages, subvariant of omicron, southwest border & Title 42, Hunter Biden, January 6, and the Academy Awards with special guest Carlos Whittaker.

Coffee Talk

mar 31, 2022

Let's Debrief!

Your top news questions answered! Plus — special guest, author, writer, "hope dealer" Carlos Whittaker on the biggest culture story of the week — the drama at the Academy Awards.

Ukraine, China and U.S. President Biden's federal budget proposal. Plus - a bonus heads-up in case you may want to jump on a plane or train this summer!

Coffee Talk

mar 30, 2022

Your Wednesday Rundown

3 quick stories in 3 minutes. Plus – a heads-up if you want to jump on a plane or train this summer!

A quick update on today's news


mar 28, 2022

Your Rundown To Start The Week

3 Stories. 3 Countries. 3 Minutes.

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