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judge's gavel


sep 14, 2023

Hunter Biden Federally Indicted

Here's What To Know

Maui, Hawaii; Credit: The Reader Family


aug 16, 2023

Escaping One Of The Deadliest Fires in U.S. History

A local family shares their story. Plus ~ How you can help.

Mountains in Afghanistan


aug 15, 2023

Two Years Since The Taliban Takeover

Journalist Hollie McKay joins us to discuss Afghanistan as we reflect on the nation now under Taliban control.

two girls in my hammock

jul 29, 2023

From "Home Town" To Home Front

HGTV's Erin and Ben Napier's New Passion Project

Sea shore


jul 20, 2023

Is This Mystery "Solved"? The Long Island Serial Killer

Investigative reporter Alexis Linkletter illuminates one of the darkest cases to date.

An American Flag over a crowd

jul 4, 2023

Dear Soldier, ...

A Special Conversation To Celebrate America: The Battle Of Camden



jun 28, 2023

Unraveling A Russian Revolt

Author and Journalist David Satter on the mutiny aimed at Moscow.

Russian Flag

jun 24, 2023

Review: Journalist David Satter

Context: What To Know About Putin's Russia

Photo of coins in a plant jar

jun 21, 2023

SmartHER Take: What Is The Fiscal Health In America?

A conversation with the President of the nonpartisan Committee For a Responsible Federal Budget, Maya MacGuineas.

Girl looking at her phone with an art desk


jun 6, 2023

What's Going On With Student Loans?

Quick Update on Two Big Initiatives

A single American flag stands in the grass with the sun shining behind it.


may 26, 2023

Origins of Memorial Day

The many stories behind Memorial Day

A mother and daughter


may 13, 2023

A New Frontier

Special Mother's Day Feature

Photo of a classroom


may 4, 2023

How Do We Improve Our "Nation's Report Card"?

Headline Check!

several old televisions


apr 25, 2023

Tucker Carlson – Something To Consider

A snippet from SCOOP! Is there a bigger story behind Tucker Carlson's departure from Fox News?

Recording studio


apr 13, 2023

Quick SCOOP: The "Abortion Pill"

A quick cheat sheet on what to know about the so-called abortion pill and why it suddenly has burst onto center stage.

Nashville, Tennessee

Coffee Talk

apr 7, 2023

What Happened To The "Tennessee Three"?

A quick coffee talk on the big story as we end the week.

Coffee Talk with Jenna

Coffee Talk

mar 30, 2023

Coffee Talk With Jenna

A deep breath and gentle review of this week's top story: The school shooting in Nashville.

Interview with Inna Sovsoun


mar 14, 2023

SmartHER From Inside A Country At War

A wide-ranging conversation with member of the Ukrainian parliament and mother, Inna Sovsun.

The logo of Silicon Valley Bank

mar 13, 2023

The Second Largest Bank Collapse in U.S. History

A photograph of the train derailment in East Palestine Ohio


feb 22, 2023

Ohio’s Toxic Train Derailment

Personal Stories From The “Red Zone"

A map of the world with a focus on China


feb 8, 2023

SmartHER With Gordon Chang: Beyond China's Spy Balloon

Cluttered desk


feb 3, 2023

How Are Layoffs Counted?

What we learned about the latest jobs report.

An american flag on a flag stand


feb 3, 2023

Inside Gitmo with Hollie McKay

A once "high value" detainee "resettled" - Will the notorious prison finally close?

People walking in snow


feb 1, 2023

What Is Happening At The Northern Border?

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