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mt rushmore in sunrise


oct 5, 2022

Finding America: Mt. Rushmore



oct 3, 2022


A special report on what's going on and why it matters!

A scoop of ice cream


sep 28, 2022


A special report on where we've been, where we are going and why it matters.

A highway going into Kabul Afghanistan with the sun shining


sep 23, 2022

News Under Taliban Rule

A conversation with Afghanistan's "first media mogul."

A photo of the Tribute in Lights in New York City, a memorial of 9/11


sep 8, 2022

Repost: Capturing The Falling Man

A Conversation With Photojournalist Richard Drew On His Historic 9/11 Photo.

A man stares off into the sunset


aug 29, 2022

The Fixer

A special conversation that takes you behind the scenes as a war reporter.

A photo of a city in Afghanistan

Coffee Talk

aug 15, 2022

One Year Later:

Inside A Fallen City With Veteran War Reporter/ Writer Hollie McKay

The Afghanistan flag with a mountain in the background.


aug 15, 2022

Reflection: A Fallen City

A first-hand account of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan.

A photo of a beach in Florida

Coffee Talk

aug 9, 2022

SmartHER Take:

FBI "Raid" of President Trump's Estate?

Piggy Bank with nose in money


aug 8, 2022

Inflation Reduction Act

Will It ACTUALLY reduce inflation?

A photo of a United States dollar

Coffee Talk

jul 28, 2022

Are we in a recession? Your cheat sheet!

The most important data point on the economy is one that's hardest to measure!

The White House

Coffee Talk

jul 21, 2022

President Biden Tests Positive For Covid-19

Talking with pulmonologist Dr. Rutland on what to know, why it matters, and what's the one treatment you should ask about!

A photo of a mountains and lake running in between.

Coffee Talk

jul 8, 2022

Debrief: What Does The Data Tell Us?

Three data points help us break down three of this week's biggest stories. Plus ~ three stories to watch in the week ahead and why optimism may be just as good for you as exercise!

Betsy Ross sewing a flag.


jul 1, 2022

An American Legend

Did Betsy Ross really sew the first American flag?

A print of the Battle of Gettysburg


jul 1, 2022

The Battle That Changed America

An Interview: The Battle of Gettysburg

The United States Supreme Court

jun 27, 2022

Debrief: The Abortion Ruling

A SmartHER take on the landmark abortion case decided by the Supreme Court. What To Know. Why It Matters. What's Next & What To Watch.

a ringleader at a circus

Coffee Talk

jun 24, 2022

Debrief: Political Stunts?

Our weekly report on the news you request.

Interview with the Head of Petroleum Analysis at GasBuddy


jun 22, 2022

Quick Hit: How High Will Gas Prices Go?

Photo of a sunrise and field with flowers growing.

jun 17, 2022

Debrief: What's Next

Exploring the question of "What's next?" in three big stories: Foreign policy, the U.S. economy and politics.

United States Capitol

jun 10, 2022


The Story & The Stakes

A classroom chalk board.


jun 6, 2022

How To Stay Safe?

The Executive Director of ALERRT (a national leader in active shooter training), Pete Blair, Ph.D., on what it takes to stay safe.

Lit up globe in the palm of a hand.

Coffee Talk

jun 6, 2022

Start Your Week SmartHER

Context for courage and our present news cycle.

A single American flag stands in the grass with the sun shining behind it.


may 29, 2022

What If All The Stories Are True?

The many origin stories of Memorial Day

School Classroom

Coffee Talk

may 25, 2022

What We Know. What We Don't. Why It Matters.

Insight and Context: Uvalde, Texas School Shooting

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