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Dear Soldier, ...

A Special Conversation To Celebrate America: The Battle Of Camden

Published on

jul 4, 2023

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"Dear Soldier, ..." and so begins a letter penned to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the birth of a new nation.

The author of this letter - Air Force veteran, Stacey Ferguson, Historic Camden Foundation, felt compelled to write it after joining a team who carefully excavated the remains of 14 soldiers who fought in the American Revolution.

The soldiers, laying in shallow graves since 1780, received proper military graveside honors in 2023.

Stacey placed her letter in their coffins.

Stacey describes this life-changing experience, and shares a story that many of us don't know about the American Revolution and one of the deadliest battles for American forces.

The soldiers remain unidentified at the time of this conversation but now, they do not remain unknown.

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