A photograph of the train derailment in East Palestine Ohio


Ohio’s Toxic Train Derailment

Personal Stories From The “Red Zone"

Published on

feb 22, 2023

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"We just want to know the truth, and we want to know if our family is safe," explains Heather Beresford, one of four mothers who joined SmartHER News for a wide-ranging conversation from those who experienced the toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, first hand.

You'll hear from residents Heather, Misti, Kari, and Jess about their experiences from the night of the train derailment onwards — from scary moments, quick evacuations, and lingering concerns.

Now, more than two weeks since the accident, all four have returned home but still have questions about the greater impact the derailment might continue to have on themselves, their families and their community at large.

It’s a truly eye-opening conversation and provides some SmartHER lessons about what to consider in the event of a major emergency in your own hometown.

WATCH HERE or tap screen below - Also available on podcasting platforms everywhere or direct download HERE

Photo cred: Misti Allison, February 3, 2023, East Palestine, Ohio

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