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President Biden Tests Positive For Covid-19

Talking with pulmonologist Dr. Rutland on what to know, why it matters, and what's the one treatment you should ask about!

Published on

jul 21, 2022

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Your Rundown:


0:00 - 2:02 News broke Thursday morning that United States President Biden (79) tested positive for Covid-19. Here's why this matters!


2:02 - 9:45 Bringing in pulmonologist Dr. Rutland to talk about this news & Covid treatments.


9:45 - 13:35 In light of recent news regarding Pres. Biden's health and previous non-melanoma skin cancers: How do doctor's treat Covid patients who have or have had cancer?


13:35 - 19:52 More on Covid treatments Dr. Rutland suggests.


19:52 - 33:24 What Dr. Rutland is watching for over the next several days in regards to Pres. Biden's Covid case & more thoughts on monoclonal antibodies.


33:24 Final thoughts. Questions? Comments? Let us know in the comment section on our Instagram or YouTube accounts, or by emailing us at!


President Biden Tests Positive for Covid-19 (SmartHER News)

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