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Debrief: What Does The Data Tell Us?

Three data points help us break down three of this week's biggest stories. Plus ~ three stories to watch in the week ahead and why optimism may be just as good for you as exercise!

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jul 8, 2022

Three data points help us break down three of the week's biggest stories including a new investigative report on the Uvalde school shooting, new insight on how red flag laws apply (or not) in Illinois, and why economists waver on the direction of the U.S. economy as we get new jobs data.


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Your Rundown:


0:00 - 2:49 Welcome to the first edition of our summer debriefs! This week's theme: Letting the data be our guide.


2:49 - 13:51 A new investigative report from Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) — the leading organization for active shooter training in the nation — was published on the school shooting in Uvalde this week.


13:51 - 21:51 Taking a look at one facet of the Highland Park shooting on Independence Day: New insight on how red flag laws apply (or not) in the state of Illinois.


21:51 - 29:27 Final data point to know this week regarding the job market in the United States & three things to know for next week: 1) We will get a new reading on inflation and retail sales, 2) What's happening in Ukraine? and 3) President Biden will be visiting Israel, the West Bank and Saudi Arabia.


29:27 Final thoughts: This week we covered a new study out of Harvard University on optimism and what it can do for your health...

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