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Debrief: Is America In Danger?

Leading voices say, "Yes" ~ but are we?

Published on

may 19, 2022

We take a look at the "threats" that surface in our news stories this week. Plus — a new report that may challenge what we think we know about the threat of mass shootings.

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Your Rundown:


0:00 - 6:26 How can we look at this week's stories SmartHER? ... Do you feel that we are at a dangerous point in this country?


6:26 - 11:40 Threat assessments: Threats from the outside, from mother nature, from adversaries, financial threats...


11:40 - 29:06 Pausing at the threat of mass shootings and looking at historical context. Click HERE for the report referenced from the National Institute of Justice.


29:06 So, what do you think about where we are in America right now? Is the experiment in American democracy in danger?

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