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A smarter take on this week's top stories: a prisoner swap, a core constitutional question and a mysterious illness raising alarm (Hint: It's not COVID).

Published on

apr 28, 2022

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Your Rundown:


0:00 - 6:10 This week, Jenna went on an exciting trip for SmartHER News! She spoke about effective storytelling in Philadelphia & an important theme kept coming up ... Freedom ...


6:10 - 18:37 The Supreme Court is hearing a fascinating case this week about an assistant football coach praying on the field.


18:37 - 22:05 We got a reading on the U.S. economy today which showed the economy shrunk in the first quarter. What to know and why it matters.


22:05 - 26:32 Let's talk a little bit about COVID ... A new study from CDC this week, Moderna asking for approval of their vaccine for very youngest and what about therapies? If you get COVID, what is your plan?


26:32 - 29:27 Why a mysterious illness in kids has raised alarm at the World Health Organization (and it's not COVID).


29:27 - 36:10 A prisoner exchange between the U.S. and Russia this week ... and what's happening in Ukraine.


36:10 Elon Musk and Twitter, and final thoughts.


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