Black and white image of the historic Ellis Island in NYC harbor.

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Your Weekly Debrief!

A past "adventure" with SmartHER News illuminates this week's top stories!

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apr 21, 2022

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Here's a link to the Judge's ruling on the federal mask mandate

Here's a link to why other judges believe she got that analysis wrong.


Your Rundown:
0:18 - 5:37 A story from Ellis Island a couple of years ago.
5:37 - 9:13 Overview: U.S. history, immigration, and announcement from Pres. Biden on military and financial aid to Ukraine.
9:13 - 11:49 On Wednesday, Russia tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).


11:49 - 27:27 New, historic immigration numbers from the U.S. southern border, why it matters and how what's happening in Eastern Europe ties into this.
27:27 - 32:31 How the historical reference of Ellis Island ties to a federal judge's recent ruling which overturned the mask mandate on public transportation.
32:31 - 35:45 What's happening in Shanghai? Here's the Associated Press report

35:45 Taking your questions and final thoughts.

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