What's a "news cycle"? Food shortages, subvariant of omicron, southwest border & Title 42, Hunter Biden, January 6, and the Academy Awards with special guest Carlos Whittaker.

Coffee Talk

Let's Debrief!

Your top news questions answered! Plus — special guest, author, writer, "hope dealer" Carlos Whittaker on the biggest culture story of the week — the drama at the Academy Awards.

Published on

mar 31, 2022

Our weekly deep breath.

Your Rundown:


0:55 - 5:13 What is a "news cycle"?


5:13 - 10:47 Food shortages due to the war in Ukraine...


10:47 - 12:30 Covid-19 subvariant of omicron: BA.2. Here's what to know.


12:30 - 15:13 Title 42, the U.S. southwest border and the upcoming midterm elections.


15:13 - 18:48 A quick note on politics: Question about Pres. Biden's son, Hunter Biden, and why this story matters.


18:48 - 21:57 January 6 investigation that's ongoing and a separate ongoing, civil investigation into former Pres. Trump about whether or not he exaggerated the worth of his assets.


21:57 Drama at the Academy Awards with special guest, Carlos Whittaker (who gives us the scoop on his new book!)

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