Headlines from happenings around the world, including Russia's war on Ukraine, tensions with North Korea, the U.S. southern border and more.

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mar 21, 2022

UkrainerussiaWarYemenNorth KoreaU.S. Southern BorderU.S. Supreme CourtDST

Your Rundown:
0:18 - 2:50 This week, Pres. Biden is going to be traveling to Europe... What are the potential off-ramps of Russia's war on Ukraine?
2:50 - 3:55 There's a lot of simmering tensions all over the world, incl.: North Korea, civil war in Yemen, a question about whether or not China is supporting Russia.
3:55 - 5:01 What's happening at the U.S. southern border?
5:01 - 7:38 U.S. Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson begins her confirmation hearings today.
7:38 A topic of hot debate: Bipartisan movement in the Senate to make daylight savings time permanent! What do you think?

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