Why does the story of what's happening between Russia and Ukraine matter?


Setting The Table For The Week Ahead!

Why does what's happening in Ukraine really matter?

Published on

mar 7, 2022

Your Rundown:
0:00 - 2:50 Zooming out: Why does what's happening between Ukraine and Russia really matter?
2:50 - 5:25 Heavy attacks on civilians who are trying to evacuate as Russian forces get closer to the capitol city of Kyiv & ongoing debate on what to do about this...
5:25 - 8:54 Foreign aid that's gone to Ukraine in the past and that could be going there in the future.
8:54 - 14:01 Announcements made by Sec. of State Antony Blinken on the U.S. and others being open to an embargo on oil and gas from Russia.
14:01 - 17:30 Over the weekend, there were reports of a meeting between American and Venezuelan officials... Why?
17:30 Quick recap and taking your questions.

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