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Quick Take - Sanctions!

The Parallels of Parenting and Foreign Policy

Published on

feb 23, 2022

I woke up this morning thinking about sanctions. You're going to hear repeatedly about sanctions in this news cycle (and beyond!)


But no one is really slowing down to explain what sanctions are, why they matter, and why they can be controversial.


Sanctions are a penalty, usually a financial penalty, inflicted on a country (or a person/company/entity) to coerce a change in behavior. In short, America is levying sanctions on Russia, attempting to penalize Russia, because we want a change in behavior.


In my humble opinion, foreign policy conversations often have interesting parallels to parenting. So I used a few parenting examples here to explain how sanctions may function and why they may have varying degrees of success.


Just note - at one point in the video - when I say a "person" is using sanctions ... I am referring to a country. So for example, Pres. Biden isn't sanctioning Russia (though you may hear that from time to time on the news), the President is announcing America's sanctions on Russia.

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