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The Story Of The Moment

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oct 5, 2021

Your Rundown:


0:48 - 2:32 The big headline over the last 24 hours: Facebook experiences one of the most significant outages in the company's history.


2:32 - 3:52 A bigger backdrop to all of this: Facebook is a public company, not a public utility.


3:52 - 7:09 Facebook whistleblower who recently came forward, reporting in a fair way and big picture.


7:09 - 8:45 What are you allowed to do as a public company?


8:45 - 11:56 In the whisteblower's interview on CBS's "60 Minutes" report, what happened at the United States Capitol on January 6th was mentioned. The larger questions this brings up.


11:56 - 15:55 A problem I want to ask you to solve and important reminder about backups! What are your thoughts and questions?

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