Our New SmartHER Hat!


Introducing Liberty!

Our New SmartHER Hat!

Published on

oct 2, 2021

Introducing: The Liberty Ball Cap

A new look at red, white and blue and a special way to support SmartHER News!

My goal at SmartHER News is simple: I want you to find an ease and joy in keeping current.

If our news service can deliver that for you, then you will have more free time, more freedom, to live your own story.

Isn't that what true liberty is all about?

That’s why I built SmartHER News around some very basic guiding principles: quick, concise, and non-partisan news. And free of the clutter and commentary so common in news coverage today.

We want to stay free and independent, too!

So periodically we will share new ways you can help us build a solution in news - and we love this latest chapter.

Our Liberty Ball Cap embodies one of our key pillars: patriotism over partisanship.

It's durable, versatile, doesn't pick sides (it's red AND blue) and looks good with just about anything. We hope you like it as much as we do!

On a personal note, I love the word "liberty." The sound. The meaning. Liberty became my daughter’s name long before she was born, and she embodies it in so many ways! I hope you find a sprinkle of the same spirit as part of SmartHER News.

You are a true gift to us – you provide inspiration and purpose – and we are grateful for you each and everyday. It's a privilege and a pleasure to serve you during this historic time.

In gratitude,


P.S. Read more about our adventures "battle-testing" our new gear at the bottom of the newsletter!

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