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sep 30, 2021

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Your Rundown:


0:47 - 3:14 What's going on with Congress?


3:14 - 4:03 Last night the Annual Congressional Baseball Game took place, Democrats vs. Republicans. Who won and special moment between teams. A breakthrough because of baseball?


4:03 - 5:41 NBA and COVID-19. Stay tuned for more on this today!


5:41 - 7:12 Healthcare workers and vaccine mandates. This week, New York begins enforcing a first-of-its-kind vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. Here's what to know.


7:12 - 9:00 An ongoing conversation about natural immunity and where we're seeing it.


9:00 - 10:21 What's happening in the housing market?


10:21 - 12:39 Are you feeling burnt out? Interesting new research and a new study coming that you could be a part of!


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