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Coffee Talk

Foreign Policy & Pizza

Five Big Stories: Why They Matter & Important Questions

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sep 28, 2021

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Your Rundown:


0:15 - 0:35 A note to you: Thank you for this opportunity!


0:35 - 1:51 A big story on Capitol Hill: The nation's top military leaders will be testifying in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee today. What's happening and why it matters.


1:51 - 4:02 What's happening in Afghanistan?


4:02 - 6:01 Another story on Capitol Hill: Lawmakers negotiating the spending bill with September 30th deadline looming (when current govt. funding expires).


6:01 - 7:06 Facebook's pause on their Instagram platform for kids. Stay tuned for a deeper report...


7:06 - 8:31 Nestle's DiGiorno crispy pan pepperoni pizza recall: what to know.

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