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sep 13, 2021

AfghanistanCapitol HillNorth KoreaFDAcovidspace tourism

Your rundown:
0:12 - 1:35 What’s happening on Capitol Hill today & news from Afghanistan…
1:35 - 2:21 North Korea reportedly test fired a cruise missile - why it matters.
2:21 - 2:45 OTD Navy Hospitalman Max Soviak, one of the servicemembers who was killed during the evacuation from Afghanistan, will be buried.
2:45 - 5:04 News from the state of California, what we’re watching, & the big picture. Can we “read the tea leaves”?
5:04 - 5:48 A group of four individuals will be launched into orbit on Wednesday by SpaceX. What will this tell us about the future of space tourism?
5:48 - 6:40 Advisory panel for the FDA will be meeting on Friday to discuss COVID-19 booster shots.
6:40 - 8:15 Happy Birthday, Milton Hershey! Amazing story about perseverance & altruism.

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