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Natural Immunity & COVID-19?

Dr. Marty Makary, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, tackles the toughest questions about the COVID-19 pandemic.

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aug 12, 2021


What's really the truth about natural immunity and COVID-19? What should those with a previous infection consider when weighing a COVID-19 vaccine? What about mask wearing and children? And what do many of those severely ill from COVID have in common that no one seems to want to focus on? Dr. Marty Makary, professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, has never avoided tough questions or breaking from the pack of group-think. We ask him about some of his recent work and why he thinks it's worth igniting a firestorm of debate over some of the most talked about issues of our time.

Here's Dr. Makary's latest book: "The Price We Pay: What Broke American Health Care—and How to Fix It."

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