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What Defines "Victory"? Your core news story to start the week

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    What defines “Victory”? It’s a question tying together our major headlines to start your week: jury deliberation begins in an ex-officer’s murder trial for the death of George Floyd, the CDC releases data on breakthrough COVID-19 infections, America makes history on Mars and…the anniversary of the “shot heard around the world.”

    What defines “Victory”? Your core news story to start the week.

    • 0:00​ - .30: What is a “win”?
    • 0:30​ - 1:45​ Today in history “Shot Heard Round The World” - American Revolution begins - 200+ years later America makes history on Mars…
    • 2 - 4:00: Jury will begin deliberations - the trial of Derek Chauvin
    • 4:00​ - 5:30: Report: Russia has amassed 150,000 troops on border with Ukraine
    • 5:30​ - 6:30: “Breakthrough” - Context from CDC - people getting COVID after vaccinations
    • 6:30​ - 7:30: If we don’t define victory, how do we achieve it? An evergreen question journalists need to ask (and the rest of us!)