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New CDC Guidelines: Schools & Social Distancing

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    Here’s the latest from the CDC: CLICK HERE

    Here’s the study on droplet spread from Florida Atlantic University and a short video from SmartHER News


    A year after “15 days to slow the spread” - we have new guidance on social distancing in schools.

    0:00- 2:00 - @cdcgov now says 6 feet between desks in a classroom can now be 3 feet for schools K-12. Why now?

    2:00 - 6:00 What to know about social distancing? What I’ve learned in my reporting over the last year. 3 notable facts.

    6-8:00 Consider this - we are in a new chapter, yet again, on this pandemic. How will 6-3 feet in schools impact other policies? TBD. . Btw - this is notable about NEW studies now versus last year.