oct 21, 2022

WATCH: Expedition 68 Nicole Mann Talks with Associated Press – Oct. 19, 2022

First Native American woman in space awed by Mother Earth (The Associated Press)

Nicole A. Mann (Col, U.S. Marine Corps) NASA Astronaut (NASA)

Colonel Nicole Mann on Positive Energy:

"I think the most thing that I focus on or rely on is some advice from my family. My mother always spoke to me about positive energy and how important that was, and I feel like that's very true. It’s difficult for some people maybe to understand because it’s not really tangible. But that positive energy is so important, and you can control that energy, and it helps to control your attitude. And so when you're in a stressful situation, you can channel that energy then to focus on your task at hand and what you need to do, and compartmentalize your brain and your emotions to not get distracted. You can focus on the mission, and then realize that when there is an appropriate time, then you take that time to kind of focus on yourself and to make sure that you keep that positive energy."

About planet Earth:

"Stay committed and stay disciplined to your passions in life ... You will stumble along the way and that's ok. But stick with it, and you can achieve those dreams."

"The more we can learn about our planet Earth, the better we can do to take care of her."

"... It’s the strength to know that I have the support of my family and community back home and that when things are difficult or things are getting hard or I’m getting burned-out or frustrated, that strength is something that I will draw on to continue toward a successful mission."

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