aug 18, 2022


Interesting Note about Lewis & Clark expedition:

The primary objective of Lewis and Clark with regard to Native peoples was to establish diplomatic relations on behalf of the new nation. This was a complex task, especially because of the cultural and linguistic differences between Euroamericans and tribal people. Some Indian leaders were adept politicians who had experience with Europeans; others had never met a non-Indian. All were enmeshed in complex trade and political networks. Some welcomed a potential alliance with the United States; others did not. Members of the Corps of Discovery understood few of the Native languages they encountered. To communicate, both the explorers and Indian people often relied on established rituals of frontier diplomacy, such as gift exchange, trading, and ceremonial pipe smoking. The pipe tomahawk that Lewis carried as an instrument of diplomacy was therefore as important as his compass and telescope. (Peabody Museum, Harvard)

Fun Fact: In School, Lewis was taught by the same person who tutored then future Presidents Madison, Jefferson and Monroe!

Also, Lewis was allowed to choose who he brought with him on the expedition of western America. "Lewis wrote Clark, informing him of the expedition and invited him to become his partner. Due to the inefficiency of the post at the time, Clark's response was delayed. Lewis offered the position to another man, Moses Hooks, should Clark decline. A few days later, Clark's elated acceptance of the offer arrived - Lewis rescinded the offer to Hooks. The expedition began on May 14, 1804, and returned in the late summer of 1806."

"In 1809, as Lewis traveled form New Orleans to Washington to see Jefferson and apprise him of his progress on publishing the journals, Lewis died..."

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