nov 18, 2021

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On this day: Louis-Jacques-Mandé is born:

Louis Dagurre - French painter and physicist

More on dioramas: ; ("Daguerre is often described as the father of modern photography ...")

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Quote from Alison Nordstrum: 0:00 - 0:42 (This short video really helped for the whole card stack, though :) - also includes talks about how daguerrotypes were an "American phenomenan" at 4:15 (Note: LOC says that Louis Dagurre was born in 1789 - however, most every other source says 1787. for now I've gone with 1787, as even The Met and Britannica have his birthdate as in 1787) (A good overview of the history arround daguerreotypes)

  • Cool excerpt from the above source: Among the most awe-inspiring subjects captured by daguerreotypists was the moon. As soon as 1840, the scientist John Draper, working in New York, claimed the honor of producing the first photograph of the moon. However, it was a little over a decade later that John Adams Whipple would begin making a series of detailed images of the moon while working at Harvard University. Whipple, who was using the largest telescope in the world at the time, won the prize in photography for technical excellence at the Great Exhibition of 1851.

daguerreotypes selling for thousands of dollars:


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On this day: Louis-Jacques-Mandé is born (ARTSTOR)

Louis Daguerre: French painter and physicist (Brittanica)

Click HERE to see the daguerreotype of President Abraham Lincoln (Library of Congress)

An Illustrated History of Photography (ThoughtCo.)

Historical Processes: The Daguerreotype

Click HERE to watch a short video on daguerrotypes from the George Eastman Museum

Click HERE to watch a video of a specialist making a his version of a daguerreotype

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