jun 28, 2021

OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

From the Department of Defense

Two different perspectives from either side of the aisle - both from the powerful Senate Intel Committee:

"... The United States must be able to understand and mitigate threats to our pilots, whether they're from drones or weather balloons or adversary intelligence capabilities. Today's rather inconclusive report only marks the beginning of efforts to understand and illuminate what is causing these risks to aviation in many areas around the country and world." Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and Senator Mark R. Warner (D-Va.)
"There's a stigma on Capitol Hill. I mean, some of my colleagues are very interested in this topic and some kind of, you know, giggle when you bring it up. But I don’t think we can allow the stigma to keep us from having an answer to a very fundamental question" Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla)

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