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“It gets worse by the hour.”

Sec. of Def Mark Esper on conflict in Syria.

oct 13, 2019

“I have worked long & hard with Robert. He will do a great job!”

President announces 4th National Security Advisor

sep 18, 2019

“This is a big deal.”

Government committee greenlights first EVER treatment for peanut allergies.

sep 18, 2019

“He was a warrior a an accomplished, respected and loved Special Forces Soldier that will never be forgotten.”

Col. Owen G. Ray, 1st SFG (A) commander on a Green Beret killed in action in Afghanistan – the 17th death this year

sep 18, 2019

“I honestly don’t think Serena showed up and I have to figure out how to get her to show up.”

Serena Williams loses U.S. Open for the third year in a row

sep 8, 2019

“I think we need to have a conversation on what it means to be a Republican.”

Republican Congressman Mark Sanford will challenge Pres. Trump

sep 8, 2019

“People think you're a little bit nuts.”

First ever female hurricane hunter crew comments on Hurricane Dorian

sep 5, 2019

“YouTube cannot bury its head in the sand.”

Historic Settlement for tracking your children

sep 5, 2019

“Former Boston Red Sox player reportedly shot. Several American families come forward with allegations of mistreatment at a DR Resort.”

Dominican Republic

aug 16, 2019

“Outbreak of African Swine Fever in China is impacting pigs. Not dangerous to humans but effects pricing on almost all the meat we consume.”

Meat Prices Rising

aug 16, 2019

“Texas Governors signs bill into law making Texas the xyz state to ban the cameras. Check the status of your state.”

Texas becomes latest state to ban red light cameras

aug 16, 2019

“Government moves migrant kids after AP exposes bad treatment”

Border Apprehensions hit a 13 year high in May: unprecedented numbers of families and minors.

aug 16, 2019

“BUT the basin of the Mississippi is the Body of The Nation. All the other parts are but members, important in themselves, yet more important in their relations to this.”

The Second Great Valley of the World

jan 5, 2019

“Conceptions formed from the river-basins of Western Europe are rudely shocked when we consider the extent of the valley of the Mississippi; nor are those formed from the sterile basins of the great rivers of Siberia, the lofty plateaus of Central Asia, or the mighty sweep of the swampy Amazon more adequate.”

Valley of the Frozen Obi

jan 5, 2019

“It would contain austria four times, germany or spain five times, france six times, the british islands or italy ten times.”

Body of The Nation

jan 5, 2019

“Latitude, elevation, and rainfall all combine to render every part of the Mississippi Valley capable of supporting a dense population. As a dwelling-place for civilized man it is by far the first upon our globe.”

Exclusive of Russia, Norway, and Sweden

jan 5, 2019

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