Nebraska football stadium packed with cheering fans as the sun goes down. Photo credit: @UNLincoln via X (formerly known as Twitter)

“We were walking out of the tunnel after the second set, and we heard on the speaker we had just broken the world record.”

Nebraska middle blocker Andi Jackson. The five-time NCAA champion Nebraska volleyball team (the Huskers) beat Omaha 3-0 on Wednesday in a match that had 92,003 fans in attendance.

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aug 31, 2023

Why It Matters: The crowd of 92,003 people made Wednesday's game at the University of Nebraska's football stadium the largest audience to ever gather for a women's sporting event. They broke the previous world record – set in 2022 in Barcelona, Spain – when 91,648 fans gathered for a Champions League soccer match between FC Barcelona and Wolfsburg.

When asked what kind of effect a match of this scale could have, Nebraska junior Lexi Rodriguez said, "I've been saying it's so huge for little girls to get to see a women's sport and volleyball being played on this big of a stage and having so many people invest in it. When you're little, you have big dreams and big goals. Having this to look up to is something that a lot of little girls will keep in the back of their mind when they're pursuing the sport of volleyball."

Nebraska volleyball sets world record for women's sports attendance

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