UNC Chapel Hill campus with the sun setting over it

“We're still exploring the relationship between the professor as well as the suspect.”

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Police Chief Brian James. The police announced a graduate student at UNC is responsible for Monday's shooting that resulted in the death of a faculty member.

Published on

aug 30, 2023

Why It Matters: A 34-year-old graduate student was arrested on Monday following a shooting at the UNC campus. On Tuesday, he was charged with first-degree murder as well as having a gun on the grounds of an educational property. As of Tuesday, the motive remains unknown. For more about the shooting, click here.

An associate professor in the department of applied physical sciences, Zijie Yan, was identifed as the victim of the shooting. UNC Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz shared, “He was a beloved colleague, mentor and a friend to many on our campus and a father to two young children.”

Grad student charged with murder in shooting of University of North Carolina faculty member

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