Phoenix, Arizona

“With the rapid population growth of Phoenix and how many people have been moving here, it is very likely that these are the highest temperatures that many Phoenicians have ever experienced.”

Director of Phoenix's Office of Heat Response and Mitigation, David Hondula, as temperatures reach record highs in the state of Arizona.

Published on

jul 19, 2023

Big Picture: Phoenix, Arizona is experiencing record-setting heat as it enters its 19th-consecutive day of 110+ degrees Fahrenheit. On Tuesday, the temperature hit 116 and rose to 118. According to The Washington Post, "The hot streak is not expected to end soon, meaning old records will be shattered. High temperatures are forecast to reach 115 degrees or hotter for at least the next week." The city is also experiencing one of its longest stretches without measurable precipitation.

Why It Matters: States across the Southern United States have been experiencing extreme heat already this summer; this week, about 58 million people were expected to experience temperatures in the triple digits. Additionally, parts of France, Spain and Italy hit all-time record highs on Tuesday; global average surface temperatures have also hit all-time highs in July. According to Axios, "scientists have said [surface temperatures] are likely the highest levels in at least 125,000 years."

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Check out this graph from the National Weather Service in Phoenix: "Here is a current look at the number of 110+F days so far this year."

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