A photo of several different seasoning and spice jars

“Consumers may not necessarily think to wipe down or decontaminate spice containers after cooking ...”

A new study commissioned by the United States Food Safety and Inspection Service, which found that "Spice containers may be a key vehicle for cross-contamination."

Published on

jan 24, 2023

Why It Matters: The study found that spice jars (not the refrigerator handle, microwave buttons, sink faucet, etc.) are likely the most cross-contaminated spot in the kitchen. How do experts recommend cutting down on the germs? Wash your hands frequently while cooking. Here's an example from a senior author of the study, who says: "... when you’re done handling a turkey patty, you need to wash your hands before you grab that spice jar.” 

The germiest spot in your kitchen? The spice jars, a new study found. (The Washington Post)

Here's a link to the full study!

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