electric bulbs lit

“It wasn’t random.”

Moore County Sheriff Ronnie Fields, North Carolina, on an alleged attack on two power substations, cutting electricity to tens of thousands of people.

Published on

dec 5, 2022

Why It Matters: The Saturday attack "after vandals opened fire" cut power to an estimated 40,000 people in a rural area of North Carolina; currently, no suspects or motives are known. Authorities at all level of government, including the FBI, are investigating.

“FBI Charlotte is investigating the willful damage to power facilities in Moore County. We are in regular contact with local law enforcement and private sector partners," said the federal law enforcement agency.

The outages have caused widespread disruptions in the rural area impacted, including school closures on Monday. Some in the area may be without power through Thursday.

Read more here: North Carolina county under curfew after power station attack, FBI investigating (CNBC)

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