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“The morality police had nothing to do with the judiciary and have been shut down from where they were set up.”

Iran's Attorney General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri speaking at a religious conference. His suggestion that the morality police was disbanded has not been confirmed by other officials.

Published on

dec 5, 2022

Why It Matters: After months of protests, Montazeri reportedly suggested Iran's morality police have been disbanded (morality police = those who arrested a young woman in September, allegedly beating her to death for a headscarf infraction), and that the government is reviewing the headscarf requirement

Amid this news, one Iranian woman said: “We, the protesters, don't care about no hijab no more. We've been going out without it for the past 70 days. A revolution is what we have. Hijab was the start of it and we don't want anything, anything less, but death for the dictator and a regime change."

Uncertainty over Iran’s morality police after official's 'disbanded' remarks (BBC World News)

Iran morality police status unclear after ‘closure’ comment (The Associated Press)

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