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“We have sick kids at the same time we have a child-care crisis — you put the two together and there just isn’t any wiggle room.”

Chief economist at global accounting firm KPMG, Diane Swonk. Workplace absences for childcare-related reasons reached a record high in October.

Published on

nov 15, 2022

Why It Matters: New data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that more than 100,000 Americans missed work in October due to childcare problems. The record-breaking number comes as flu, unseasonably high Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) infections, the common cold, and COVID-19 cases continue to impact children. Increased illnesses in schools comes amidst widespread labor shortages in schools and day care centers, creating "unprecedented challenges for parents and teachers," The Washington Post reports.

RSV, covid and flu are keeping kids out of school — and parents out of work (The Washington Post)

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