Feminine care products

“We can assure you this is a temporary situation.”

Procter & Gamble to The New York Times after the Times inquired about a tampon shortage.

Published on

jun 14, 2022

Why It Matters: The feminine hygiene products are among the latest in a series of items impacted by supply chain issues this year. Major drugstores confirmed lower supply to The New York Times.

More about the shortage: "P&G said in its most recent earnings call that it was still having trouble sourcing raw materials for feminine care products, getting them to the places that need them, and getting products on trucks to retailers," reported Time magazine.

Michelle Wolf, a radio host in Bozeman, MT, commented on the difficulty of finding tampons (but maybe also why we haven't heard more about it): “It’s a little taboo. Who the heck wants to talk about tampons?” (Time)

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