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“The diary shows a volatile mix between racist beliefs, white nationalism, and complex mental health issues.”

Dr. Rajan Basra, a researcher from the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, who reportedly obtained a diary of the gunman in the Buffalo mass shooting.

Published on

may 17, 2022

Note: SmartHER News cannot independently verify the veracity of the diary mentioned in this report — though we did reach out to the ICSR for an interview. The following is attributed to the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, who shared the source with The New York Post. The ICSR studies many forms of radicalization — in terror groups and beyond.

ICSR says:

“It’s his diary that really stands out, as it gives us insight into the person behind the image. It shows his uncertainty over whether he could murder people. Over a dozen times he wrote about wanting to commit suicide instead." (Dr. Basra)

“He was essentially having a conversation with himself, at times doubting what he was doing, and other times doubling down on his racist beliefs." (Dr. Basra)

One reported quote from the gunman: “I’m not proud to kill these lads, in fact I’m desperately looking for a sign or evidence proving that I shouldn’t."

Link to report: Twisted diary of alleged Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron reveals his online radicalization

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