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“This is just so sad. I never, ever thought something like this would happen in my church, in my community.”

Jerry Chen, a longtime member at Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church. A man opened fire at the California church, killing one person and wounding five others.

Published on

may 16, 2022

Who: The shooter is an Asian man in his 60s whose name was not immediately released and who is not believed to live in the community. Further details have not been released about the shooter. One person was killed; five others, ages 66 - 92, were wounded.

What: The shooter opened fire during a luncheon. He was stopped when a pastor hit him on the head with a chair while others moved to grab his gun. They then tied him up until authorities were able to arrive.

When: Sunday afternoon. About 40 congregants had gathered to welcome their former pastor, who was visiting from Taiwan.

Where: Laguna Woods, California, at Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church. Most of the church’s members are elderly Taiwanese immigrants.

Why: A motive has not yet been disclosed and the investigation is ongoing.

Parishioners subdue gunman in fatal California church attack (Associated Press)

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