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“To the extent this betrayal of the confidences of the Court was intended to undermine the integrity of our operations, it will not succeed.”

Supreme Court Justice John Roberts responding to a leaked draft opinion on a case heard by the Supreme Court; the leaked decision indicates the potential for a historic change in current U.S. abortion law.

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may 3, 2022

  • Chief Justice John Roberts issued this statement Tuesday, after news organization Politico published the leaked draft opinion Monday night.
  • The decision focuses on a case that challenges a Mississippi law banning most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy.
  • In the leaked draft opinion (which remains only with the news organization Politico and cannot be independently verified), Justice Alito represents the majority opinion and writes that Roe v. Wade — a 1973 Supreme Court decision which established federal abortion rights — "must be overruled." The consequences of such a ruling remain TBD, but would likely push legal decisions about abortion access to the states alone.
  • Leaks from Supreme Court are extremely rare — and a leak of this type on such a high profile case is unprecedented in modern history.

Why It Matters: Justice Roberts has "directed the Marshal of the Court to launch an investigation into the source of the leak," and the Supreme Court emphasizes: "Although the document described in yesterday's reports is authentic, it does not represent a decision by the Court or the final position of any member on the issues in the case." The Supreme Court's final decision on this case is not expected until June or July.

Click HERE to view the Supreme Court's Statement on the leak — and here's a LINK to the statement directly.

Click HERE to watch Jenna's Instagram Story on the leak published by POLITICO on Monday night.

Supreme court abortion law leak: what happened and why does it matter? (The Guardian)

For a good foundation on the history of abortion law in the U.S., watch our interview from late last year with Professor Mary Ziegler — legal historian and a leading voice on American abortion law:

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