March Madness 2022 expected to bring in a surge of bets.

“It’s the biggest betting event of the year.”

David Foreman, senior director of research at the American Gaming Association, on the significance of March Madness.

Published on

mar 15, 2022

  • March Madness is a single-elimination, seven-round college basketball tournament. Games begin today and will last through the beginning of April.
  • According to a new report by the American Gaming Association, about 45 million Americans will bet $3.1 billion on this year's tournament. The Super Bowl, "which is the largest single sporting event in the U.S.," attracted $1 billion in legal bets.
  • This year's women's championship tournament is *also* branded as March Madness - for the first time ever.

Why It Matters: Legal operators are expecting a surge in wagers this season - in part because of an increase in legal online betting. This is also the first "normal" March Madness in three years; the pandemic forced its cancellation in 2020, while last year it was held in a single-location "bubble" with limited attendance.

Americans Expected To Wager $3.1 Billion During March Madness

March Madness brings back feel of the good ol’ days

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