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“We're not gonna sell it. We're not gonna cook it. We want to preserve it.”

CEO Mark Murrell, Get Maine Lobster, on a rare one-in-100 million "cotton candy" lobster caught by a local fisherman.

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nov 10, 2021

  • Why It Matters: Lobster can come in a rainbow of colors, from typical brownish-red, to blue, yellow, orange, calico, or white (or the slightly iridescent "cotton candy"). While scientists say no firm stats exist on rarity of the colors, the Maine Lobstermen’s Community Alliance says the chances of a white or cotton candy lobster are 1 in 100 million.
  • "Get Maine Lobster" (a direct-to-consumer seafood company from Maine) says they want to donate this rare lobster to an aquarium for safe keeping.
  • The fisherman who caught the lobster has been fishing for 4 decades and says he's never seen a lobster like this. He named it "Haddie" after his granddaughter.
  • What Makes It "Cotton Candy"? The pigment in the lobster's shell can uniquely bind to certain proteins, creating a different hue. Pale lobsters likely don't have enough pigment - either due to a genetic mutation or from their food source. READ MORE

Rare 'Cotton Candy' Lobster Found Off Maine in 1 in 100 Million Catch

Check out different lobster colors HERE from the Maine Lobsterman's Community Alliance.

Watch video of Haddie!

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