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“It’s great to be back to planet Earth.”

Astronaut Shane Kimbrough, Crew-2 commander, after landing safely in the SpaceX Crew Dragon Endeavor spacecraft off the coast of Florida.

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nov 9, 2021

  • Kimbrough spent nearly 200 days in space aboard the International Space Station.
  • The Crew Dragon capsule also remained in space, attached to the ISS.
  • The crew experienced both victories and challenges. A victory: Growing the first chile peppers in space (apparently, the peppers had a "kick"). One challenge: The broken toilet forced astronauts to wear "absorbent 'undergarments'" (adult diapers?) on the trip home.

Why This Matters: The astronauts AND the SpaceX Crew Dragon spent 199 days in space - "The mission set a record for the longest spaceflight by a U.S. crewed spacecraft."

No toilet for returning SpaceX crew, stuck using diapers

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