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“This tropical storm has the potential to disrupt some power restoration and recovery work currently underway.”

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards on Tropical Storm Nicholas arriving shortly after Hurricane Ida.

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sep 14, 2021

  • The tropical storm briefly made landfall as a hurricane.
  • The storm system will impact travel as well as schools - many schools in the Houston area closed Tuesday due to the storm.
  • The storm will impact parts of Texas and Louisiana throughout the week; Louisiana was particularly hit hard by Hurricane Ida and some residents still do not have electricity restored.
  • Pres. Biden issued an emergency declaration for Louisiana ahead of the storm's arrival.
  • Why It Matters: Though no longer a hurricane, Tropical Storm Nicholas is expected to bring downpours that could lead to flooding (as well as flash floods), property damage and other life-threatening conditions.

Nicholas makes landfall as Category 1 hurricane in Texas: Latest forecast

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