“This is a big deal.”

Government committee greenlights first EVER treatment for peanut allergies.

Published on

sep 18, 2019

Pediatric allergist, Dr. BJ Lanser, at National Jewish Health, the hospital that helped run a clinical trial on a treatment for peanut allergy sufferers. He went on to say, This is a big deal, but with this caveat that this is not an easy, simple cure and the therapy isn”t going to be for everyone.

  • first-ever peanut allergy treatment
  • Patient receives doses orally.
  • Initial patients: 4-17 years old.
  • Works to de-sensitive patients to peanuts through giving them small doses.
  • FDA Advisory Committee voted to approve the treatment – the FDA *normally* follows the committees recommendations for full approval to get the treatment to the U.S. market.


FDA committee votes to approve peanut allergy treatment that had clinical trials at National JewishA Health

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