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“We're talking about the potential of about (480) million gallons, within a matter of seconds and minutes, leaving that …”

Manatee County Administrator Scott Hopes near Tampa Bay, Florida – where a wastewater reservoir threatens to fail, …

Apr 14, 2021

“For me, it’s always been about the thrill of the hunt, not about the money. The only thing better than finding these …”

Amateur historian Jim Bailey who discovered one of the oldest coins ever found in North America – believed to have been …

Apr 14, 2021

“Common sense can prevail and that's what we're hopeful for.”

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) after a visit to the U.S. Southern Border – He says immigration reform is needed.

Apr 14, 2021

“There was no guarantee that the vaccines were going to perform the same in the real world...”

CDC study lead author on the latest research showing the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are 80% effective two weeks after …

Apr 14, 2021

“What happened here today is a terrible tragedy and I’m heartbroken that this awful incident occurred in one of our …”

Knox County Schools Superintendent Bob Thoma

Apr 12, 2021

“We cannot afford to make mistakes that lead to the loss of life of other people in our profession.”

Brooklyn Center, Minnesota Mayor Mike Elliot on the fatal police shooting of Duante Wright, an unarmed 20-year-old black …

Apr 12, 2021

“This vaccine may be a good vaccine in terms of covering all different types of strains.”

Dir. of Emerging Infectious Diseases Branch, Dr. Kayvon Modjarrad, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, on the Army …

Apr 11, 2021

“There’s unity and ambition for a joint diplomatic process.”

Deputy Secretary General Enrique Mora, European Union’s diplomatic service on new talks between America, Iran and …

Apr 7, 2021

“In most situations, regular cleaning of surfaces with soap and detergent, not necessarily disinfecting those surfaces, …”

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky describing why the CDC updated its guidance for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces …

Apr 5, 2021

“These are the mummies of kings and queens who ruled during Egypt’s golden age.”

Egypt’s former minister of antiquities Zahi Hawass on the unprecedented simultaneous movement of 22 mummies to a new …

Apr 5, 2021

“It shows that the economy is healing...”

Economists expected 675,000 jobs but data showed job growth of 916,000. The unemployment rate fell to 6%. Perspective: …

Apr 3, 2021

“Usually I’m just at home doing online school and there’s not much I can really do to fight back against the virus.”

The information about this study is not yet published – The data being quoted in headlines around the world is based on …

Apr 1, 2021