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“NATO stands together. That’s how we’ve met every other threat in the past. It’s our greatest strength as we meet our challenges of the future — and there are many. ”

President Biden reaffirming America's "sacred" commitment to the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) alliance during Monday's summit in Brussels, Belgium.

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  • Background: NATO is a 30-nation (mostly European nations, U.S. & Canada) alliance born out of WWII that dates back to 1949. NATO operates on a principle of shared defense (Article 5), meaning that an attack against one NATO ally is an attack on all allies.
  • NATO made a formal commitment to combat climate change, including annual assessments to address civil preparedness, defense planning, and disaster response training.
  • NATO also issued a statement detailing the national security threats posed by both Russia and China, calling out China’s “assertive behavior” and “rapidly expanding” nuclear arsenal, as well as Russia’s “irresponsible nuclear rhetoric” and “posture of strategic intimidation.”
    • During a press conference Pres. Biden was asked about his Wednesday meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The President said he’s not looking for conflict, and that he hopes to cooperate with Pres. Putin on areas of “mutual interest”, but that he’ll make clear where the “red lines” are and “respond in kind” if Russia does not cooperate on cybersecurity and other activities.

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