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“It was totally a eureka moment.”

Archaeologist Julie Schablitsky on discovering an 1808 coin during an excavation, the first sign of what came next: discovery of Harriet Tubman's family cabin.

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    The cabin belonged to Harriet Tubman’s father, Ben Ross, whom she lived with as a young adult (17 - 22 years old) before she married and changed her name to “Harriet Tubman.”

    • The site is now located on federal land in Maryland - the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge manager “heard” the Ross family cabin may have existed in a certain area and Schablitsky’s team went to work to explore it.
    • Archeologists worked tirelessly to try to locate this plot where they believe the cabin stood, eventually finding pottery and other items from the time period.
    • Why It Matters: According to historians, Tubman’s relationship with her father and lessons learned living in the woods gave her the understanding of nature necessary to facilitate the Underground Railroad, allowing her to personally (and famously) help about 70 people escape slavery.

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