SmartHER News delivers quick, concise, unbiased news using never-before seen technology.

AUSTIN TX, February 1, 2018 a Tainted by bias and scandal the American press has lost its credibility. Facts are replaced with opinions and news is traded for entertainment. Confidence in accurate reporting is at an all-time low. But the mass disruption in the media space has created opportunity for a new voice to emerge in news delivery a

SmartHER News is the creation of Jenna Lee a a former anchor for the Fox News Channel who left the top-rated cable network to create a new digital news service for women. aA womanas life has changed dramatically in the past 50 years, but the way we deliver information to her hasnat,a Lee said. aSmartHer News solves that problem.a

After more than a decade as a journalist, the last 7 years co-anchoring her own top-rated 2-hour news program, Lee chose to leave the corporate news world to pioneer this digital platform.

aSmartHer News fulfills my passion to return journalism back to what it is suppose to be a quick access to solid, reliable, non-partisan information,a Lee explained. aItas time for news as a service to return to a service.a

SmartHer News provides readers with bullet-pointed facts on the most relevant issues from politics to business and beyond. The news service will present proprietary technology a in form and function a that is designed for the multi-tasking American woman.

aThereas so much discussion about aempowering womena in the media space,a said Lee. aTrue empowerment for women is providing them solid information and then getting out of their way so they can form their own opinions. Quality information shows respect and SmartHER News will be the leader of quality news for the modern American woman.a

Launching in February, SmartHer News network will include the website, as well as on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Followers can look for the hashtag #SmartHERNews to stay up to date with the latest and most relevant facts in the news today.

Jenna Lee is available for interviews upon request.


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