What is "smart" news? What does it mean to truly empower women?

What is "smart" news? What does it mean to truly empower women?

Confronting these two questions led to the creation of SmartHER news.

In 2004, I scrapped together enough money (and loans) to move from my hometown of San Francisco to New York City to pursue my dream of becoming a journalist. I attended Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and spent more than a decade as a working journalist in New York City as a writer, producer, reporter and most recently over the last 7 years as a national news anchor for the Fox News Channel.

I loved so many parts of my job - especially getting to know the viewers we served. And only after really listening to them did I realize a sad reality: the news industry fails to provide a true public service to anyone ~ But especially not to the American woman.

Think about it. The life of the American woman has changed dramatically in the last 50 years, but the way we deliver news to her has not. News fails to keep up with her; not the other way around.

SmartHER News provides a solution. The philosophy is simple: Quality shows respect. True "empowerment" is providing a woman solid information and then getting out of her way. She doesn't need to be told what to think; She's smart. She just needs access to trustworthy information she can flip-through easily in a style that's convenient for her. Using custom built technology, SmartHER News delivers this in a brand new way: modern news for the modern woman.

It's my personal mission to ensure no woman feels dismayed, aggravated or like she can't keep up with the news - either because of its delivery or darkness of its content. That's a failure on the part of the media, not a reflection of her talents or priorities. SmartHER News is just the beginning of a movement to create real change.

Join us. SmartHER News: a resource that not only benefits the American woman, but also ignites a revolution in American journalism. News returns to a service today.

And as the saying goes "Ladies First."

The time for SmartHER News is now.


February 2018

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