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When you fill up the tank, chances are 10% of your gasoline is corn-based ethanolA … President Trump now wants to make it 15%.

So what’s the big deal?



From The President’s Desk

About Pres. Trump’s Plan:

  • Backstory: Different blends of fuel are used in different seasons. One blend: E15 (15% ethanol, 85% gas) is banned in the summer due to smog concerns.
  • On Tuesday, while in Iowa (corn country),A Pres. Trump said he’ll lift ban & allow E15 year-round to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil and help U.S. corn farmers hurt by Chinese tariffs.
From The President’s Desk

Why It Matters:

  • May both save you money & damage your car.
  • E15 only approved for light-duty cars &A those made after 2001.
  • Oil industry & automakers oppose E15 because it may damage engines & fuel systems in older vehicles in unaware consumers.
  • Renewable Fuels Assoc (ethanol lobbyist) says year-round E15 will save drivers $80/year.
From The President’s Desk

Bigger Picture

Unclear if U.S. is ready for E15. Gas producers don’t want to be liable for damage to cars & some states don’t have infrastructure (underground gas tanks, etc) for E15.

But ‘Renewable Fuels Standard’, which was created in 2005, requires oil companies to add 36B gallons of ethanol to gas supplies by 2022 (only 12B gals used now).


From The President's Desk

An E15 mandate may open up sales year-round, but that doesn't necessarily mean consumers will buy it. Gas stations now advertise "ethanol-free" gas to improve fuel economy, others drivers say they believe it extends the life of their vehicle.

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