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“For Pyongyang to publicly admit omicron cases, the public health situation must be serious.”

Professor Leif-Eric Easley, Seoul’s Ewha Womans University, on North Korea's first public admission of COVID-19 cases — and a new nationwide lockdown.

may 12, 2022

A woman checks a young child's temperature using an ear thermometer.


may 14, 2022

What's Making Children Sick?

A mysterious illness of "unknown origin" has the attention of health officials worldwide. Here's what to know.

“This was pure evil.”

Erie County Sheriff John Garcia after ten people were murdered in a shooting in Buffalo, New York.

may 15, 2022

“Are they coming to try and convince us? Sorry don't wear yourselves out.”

Turkey's President Erdogan discouraging visits by diplomats from Finland and Sweden, who want NATO membership; Turkey is a NATO member and is resisting their membership.

may 17, 2022

“This is unprecedented.”

Firefighter Hugh Vallely, incident team liaison officer, on the Hermits Peak/Calf Canyon Fire — the largest in New Mexico history.

may 17, 2022

“The diary shows a volatile mix between racist beliefs, white nationalism, and complex mental health issues.”

Dr. Rajan Basra, a researcher from the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, who reportedly obtained a diary of the gunman in the Buffalo mass shooting.

may 17, 2022

“This is further evidence that the desire to end the so-called forever wars is good in theory, but reality kind of smacks you in the face.”

Bill Roggio, senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and editor of the foundation's Long War Journal, on the U.S. once again deploying troops to Somalia in order to counter terrorist group al-Shabab.

may 18, 2022

“Do not eat any recalled Jif brand peanut butter. Throw it away.”

The CDC in a food safety alert on a salmonella outbreak likely linked to now-recalled peanut butter.

may 23, 2022

“It is a large shipment of very specific and specialized formula.”

Agriculture Sec. Tom Vilsack as the first sizable shipments of infant formula arrive in the U.S. from Europe in an attempt to ease the baby formula shortage.

may 23, 2022

“Infected persons will have to go into contact isolation until the injuries have healed.”

Belgium announcing a first-of-its-kind quarantine for those testing positive for monkeypox — after the virus usually found in certain African countries emerged in 12 other countries.

may 23, 2022

“Yes. That’s the commitment we made.”

Pres. Biden on whether the U.S. would militarily defend Taiwan if needed — a much more direct response than usual about American policy in the region.

may 23, 2022

Blue coffee cup with a cappuccino on a table

may 23, 2022

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Top Stories To Kick Off Your Week

“... given that you need only one bad storm to dramatically affect your life, if you fail to plan around this outlook, you’re planning to fail.”

NOAA Administrator Rick Spinrad on a prediction for another busy Atlantic hurricane season.

may 25, 2022

“I’m a gun owner and I do not blame the weapons used in this tragedy. I’m angry how easy it is to get one and how young you can be to purchase one.”

Jacinto Cazares, father of 10-year-old Jackie Cazares who was killed in the Uvalde, Texas school shooting.

may 26, 2022

“Please send the police now.”

Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw describing the 9-1-1 call of a young girl trapped in the classroom during the Uvalde school shooting.

may 27, 2022

A single American flag stands in the grass with the sun shining behind it.


may 29, 2022

What If All The Stories Are True?

The many origin stories of Memorial Day

“It’s everything and the kitchen sink.”

Colorado State University hurricane researcher Phil Klotzbach on the coming Atlantic hurricane season — as Hurricane Agatha leads to at least 11 deaths in Mexico.

jun 1, 2022

“I’ve decided that we will provide the Ukrainians with more advanced rocket systems and munitions that will enable them to more precisely strike key targets on the battlefield in Ukraine.”

President Biden in a New York Times editorial announcing new American support for Ukraine.

jun 1, 2022

“We need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”

President Biden during a national address at the White House.

jun 3, 2022

“No matter what, this country shall never give in to evil and wicked people, and darkness will never overcome light.”

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on a shooting at a Catholic church in Ondo state; according to early reports, the shooting left more than 50 dead.

jun 6, 2022

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