“For me, it’s always been about the thrill of the hunt, not about the money. The only thing better than finding these objects is the long-lost stories behind them.”

Amateur historian Jim Bailey who discovered one of the oldest coins ever found in North America – believed to have been brought over by a pirate at the center of one of the first worldwide manhunts.

  • Bailey, a “metal detectorist,” found the “pocket change” believed to be minted in Yemen in the 1690s. The coins, with distinct Arabic writing, were discovered in a “pick-your-own-fruit” orchard in Rhode Island.
  • The coins *may* tie to a mystery – of English pirate Capt. Henry Every and his crew, thought responsible for a terrible robbery of an Indian ship but who “vanished” shortly after.
  • The coins support a theory that the pirates fled to modern New England, attempting to “blend in” before fleeing back to Europe.
  • Why It Matters: What happened to Captain Every is a 300+ year mystery/manhunt. The coins are among the oldest found in North America.